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Slipping into Dankness 6/9/09

Swoon - swimming cities
“The Swimming Cities of Serenissima” Swoon 2009 (via)

  • It’s time to pack it all in. The NYTimes has an article about the new found respectability of graffiti. Blechhh (via WYW)
  • “Area others could call “rundown” or dilapidated, were in fact pretty charming. There was visible history on the facades with all their marks from generations of inhabitants. The buildings silently told stories of their inhabitants’ existences.” The paper facades of German artist Evol (via Interview)
  • The best way to buy one of those Faile “Prayer Wheel” things these days is to park your escalade underneath the Williamsburg Bridge and wait for a preteen to ride by on his bmx , you toss him the cash and he slips the sculpture to you. What you never bought crack before?
  • “A tiger that lives in a cage is much wilder than a tiger that is free to roam” A look at the underground fashion scene of communist East Germany (via)
  • Grand Finale has produced an inspiring documentary on 68 year old Bristol based reggae selector DJ Derek. The man lives life to the fullest touring the country armed only with a backpack full of killer tunes, his bus pass & an unquenchable thirst for real ale.
  • Dutty Whine – Special for Robert.
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    The Charm of Distance 6/5/09

    via glob

  • “The UK is weird. They are more censoring that even the US! The magazines there are really pushing it, they are ahead of the curve, so you would think that they would be more open minded.” A short talk with photographer Richard Kern as prepares for his upcoming NYC show. (via interview)
  • Wow. I really think they are serious with this. Make magazines Graff how too. Next in the series will be making sawed off shotguns for vamping toys in the tunnels.
  • “Throwing on a wet suit in the snow is quite an experience.” Dane Reynolds has surfed some waves nobody else has.
  • “I don’t like this design aesthetic so I’m just going to continue this fantasy which I love.” Artist Kenny Scharf doesn’t let the little things like opinions shake him in this interview (via flavorwire)
  • There is no such thing as second class citizenship
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    Randomness of Chance 6/4/09

    Michael Genovese
    Steal, Quietly, Question Michael Genovese 2008

  • “I don’t know if it’s sad, pathetic or what, but I don’t think so. I mean, nothing has felt too terribly wrong yet and I generally have a good moral compass—all things considered. I really try not to over-think this shit. Otherwise you just wind up sounding like phenomenologist Shepard Fairey. So let’s just say I ran away and joined the circus and leave it at that.” Skateboard graphics legend and exploiter of stupid human tricks Sean Cliver hasn’t gone too far ….yet. (via Vapors)
  • “Yeah, I’m rolling weed,” he said. “I have a medical card. I’m a weed smoker.” Skateboard Pro Jereme Rogers Walks the edge after a bit of a funky mushroom trip on his roof (via ignored prayers)
  • Did you know there is a cassette copy of the Talking Heads in the Space Station? That lil bit of info is courtesy of this guided tour of David Byrnes studio (via PSFK)
  • Wooster has a cool video up of Dain, a pensioner who is putting some of the most vital work up in the mean streets of NYC
  • Colossus of Roads
  • A day in the life of The One
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    JA XTC

    ja xtc

    One of my all time favorite Graffiti writers is the Bad man JAone XTC. Dude has crazy exploits and really changed the way folks thought about all out bombing. He was one of the definitive NYC writers in the early nineties. Just check this article from Rolling Stone magazine about Him – ROLLING STONE,FEB 9,1995
    JA is also an actor, who has been in Films like Karate Kid 3 and Whiteboys.


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    Black Diamonds 6/2/09

    Mode 2
    Mode2 at Weserburg

  • “the ‘freeconomics’ model of most web businesses is providing opportunities for social interaction to those who have dropped out of or been abandoned by the traditional meatspace support systems” Increasingly access to the internet is changing the hazards of homelessness (via futurismic)
  • Oaxacan Street art, so vibrant and from what I understand primarily done by young female teachers. (via oh so arty)
  • “On weekend nights we dance until dawning/Then go to hear the speeches at Hyde Park, Sunday mornin’/What if it should start in rainin’/I’ve got a boy, so who’s complainin’/This London life is the life for me.” A look at the short lived Swinging London magazine “London Life” (via CRBLOG)
  • The Misunderstood Cryptozoological Vandal
  • Children of The Grave
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