Possessed. 5/29/09

Rime Ceaze msk
Rime Ceaze MSK

  • Suicidal tendencies Mike Muir listens to the radio not to see whats out there but to be reminded about what he hates. Kinda like why I do this blog. (via streetboners)
  • Dave Choe discusses his experiences painting the offices of Facebook – images (via bloomberg)
  • a Cool video from the Generation one show in LA in which they brought out alot of westcoast legends to do some bodypainting and hang some canvas. But for real it’s all about the Duster segment. (via WYW)
  • A Photo diary from the ArteBA art fair in buenos Aires. It looks like Street art is really overtaking the South American art scene. (via Interview)
  • I can think of plenty of empty paperboxes that could use some of this. Street artist Posterchild gardens in the city. (via Good)
  • Puerto Rico, Whoaa
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