Back In Stride 5/18/09

Desmadre Arte
Images from the Desmadre : Fresh latino Perspectives In America opening

  • In These Trying Economic Times. Henry Moore sculpture gets cut up and sold for scrap by Gypsies (via AFC)
  • Why does this bug me so much? Why place “Street Art/ Graffiti” in a hall full of old dead white guy furniture? Do they expect the respectability will some how rub off on it? Bah!!! (via Jux)
  • “to call that the end of pop reminded me of white, male post-structuralists moaning ‘didn’t you know the author is dead?’ when in the 1980s for example black feminists promoted and claimed authorship in the name of identity politics.” A discussion about the changing definition of what makes Pop culture pop. (via Frieze)
  • NYC Scrap Trains Circa 1997
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    One response to “Back In Stride 5/18/09

    1. Jedd

      That show in NYC is pretty tacky.

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