Desmadre arte and Posting Notice

Hey There
I am super busy getting ready for the show I am curating at Vermillion Gallery. If you are in the Seattle area on the 14th please drop in and say hey. Unfortunately in the meantime I am not going to be able to post with any regularity so please bare with me and as soon as I can will be back in the saddle with the bloggage.
In the meantime please enjoy the video teaser we created for the show –
Desmadre : Fresh Latino Perspectives in America

Vermillion Gallery and Desmadre Arte presents
Fresh Latino Perspectives in America
May 14 – June 6, 2009
Artist Reception Thursday May 14 6pm – 10pm
featuring a performance by
Jaime Torres and Rafael Barrios
and comida provided by
Los Desmadrosos
Vermillion Gallery 1508 11th Ave Seattle Wa 98122

Featuring the work of -.
Ana Serrano
Jaime (Germs) Zacarins
Antonio Pelayo
Xico González
Albert Cerritaño
Michael Alvarez
Jeaneen Carlino
Carlos Donjuan
Victor Marka
Pedro De Valdiva
Julio Guerro
Mario Campos
Manuel Rios
Vicente Pacheco
George Estrada
Robert Santiago
Marco Zamora
Albert Reyes

Vermillion Gallery in conjunction with Desmadre Arte present “Desmadre: Fresh Latino Perspectives in America”, a group show of emerging artists who are incorporating Latino cultural themes within urban contemporary works. This exhibition is a view into the rich, yet subtle manner in which Latino culture exists in modern American life. The artists participating are influenced through a multitude of references showing elements of the Mexican social realism of Orozco and Rivera, the pop of Warhol and Cuban agit propagandist Rene Medeiros, saturday morning cartoons, paño art, tattoo’s, and graffiti in all of it’s manifestations.
There has been a growing underground for Latino artists, centered mainly in the West Coast, that has become increasingly tied with the contemporary Urban art community. These artists have been incorporating imagery and themes that relate to their Hispanic heritage and the American experience. While for many the Spanish language has been sacrificed in efforts to assimilate, there are other ties to a shared past that consistently appear in many of the works included in “Desmadre: Fresh Latino Perspectives in America”. Many of the artists explore the strong family experiences that factor heavily in the Latino community, ranging from the mundane family celebrations that mark the calendar to the strong female presence that anchors so many families . These experiences are what connect the past to the present and on to the future
As we head into this 21st century there has been a departure from the old cultural identities. We are seeing what curator Nicholas Bourriard calls the “Creolization” of culture, a blending of various traditional cultures with some local specific contemporary elements. This show is equally about this moment in history, a time in which America is living up to it’s promise to be the worlds melting pot, as it is about any given culture. There is a sense of reinvention present in much of the work by the artists participating in the show, an urge to respect the past while pushing forward to forge new means to celebrate their heritage.

Desmadre Arte – Desmadre Arte is a collective effort by curators Jose Tapia and Damion Hayes and artist Julio Guerrero to showcase emerging artists who are incorporating traditional latino cultural themes within contemporary works. Our goal is to shed light on a growing movement amongst latino artists who are exploring and incorporating cultural roots while creating work that expresses the 21st century realities and complexities of life. To do this we are producing art shows that revolve around these themes as well as maintain our website to showcase the artists we feel best represent these Ideals.


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  1. janiceenberg

    Just saying hello to you all .. Still a bit confused about the goings on here, but I guess I’ll keep poking around.

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