Collapsed 5/04/09

william dunleavy
Punks del Barrio William Dunleavy

  • For all of you who think that If you can find it on the internet then it should be free for you to use, Gary Taxali has something for you (via drawger)
  • Philly has the coolest Garbage trucks around (via visual culture)
  • “If you want to be able to draw a decent looking circle, you need to imagine it like a clock. If it looks a little bumpy at around 3 o’clock you have to correct it. Try and draw it as smoothly as possible and use the left edge of the tip of the marker as a guide.” Some tips from The London Police (via UKadapta)
  • “These are things that I believe in, I’m not afraid of my truth. I’m not bullshitting, I don’t have ulterior motives, I’m not trying to get more commercial work, I’m not trying to get more friends, I don’t like to get more enemies, although I do seem to get more of those than I do friends.” Glenn Friedman discusses how he feels about stuff and things (via Jux)
  • You better Simma Down and do The Obama Rock
  • Agnostic Front
  • Tacoma’s Steve Olson
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    One response to “Collapsed 5/04/09

    1. thanks for featuring me, i randomly found it googling myself

      awesome blog!!

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