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Beginnings 4/20/09

Roa via ekosystem

  • Why is it that the Japanese have to make everything an exercise in unrestrained aestheticism. Incredibly beautiful manhole covers. ok. (via if it’s hip)
  • All the Hipster Grifter news ever needed, All in one place!!!! (via streetcarnage) And it’s a wrapup from Hipster Runoff
  • When it all goes down I know where to head (via Wired)
  • “I found two big blocks being used as urinals in a Las Vegas casino. It’s disgusting. The wall is a work of art and a historical monument.” The Berlin Wall’s artwork is being restored (via guardianuk)
  • Grafica Fidalga
  • Here we go yo, Here we Go yo, So whats the, whats the…….
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    Heavy Mekkle 4/17/09

    Shawn Mortensen
    M. Gonzalez Shawn Mortensen Rest In Paradise

  • Who isn’t at least intrigued by Throbbing Gristle? I mean seriously.(via daily swarm)
  • Five thousand dollars in this time is five thousand dollars. Mother turns in her graffiti writing son for a reward. (via animalny)
  • Incredibly simple book cover design utilizing just a sheet of A4 (via crblog)
  • “Fairey’s assertion that the AP itself violated copyright laws when it used a photo of the artist’s “Hope” poster without getting permission. In other words, he’s arguing that the AP can’t reproduce an image by Fairey that the artist himself appropriated from the AP.” Ughh. This is starting to get ridiculous. Here is my favorite rebuttal to Faireys Huffpost blog about this recent move. (Via LAT)
  • “The style of classic underground Hip-Hop music production is the best way to describe my work. The art of sampling from obscurity and life, then rearranging the placements in your own style creating something completely original.” Interview with LA Graffiti Draftsman Kofie (via jux)
  • Jesse Reno, Painting Sharks
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    Posting Notice – Sunny day in Seattle 4/15/09

    I’m actually going to have to cut it short here and handle some stuff with my uncle sam.
    Catch you on the flipside Homie.

  • Studio visit with Judith Supine (via Arrested Motion)
  • Imagine that instead of the paltry $50million given to the NEA for the stimulus we tried to go the same route as the Japanese and fully invested in the “Soft Power” of culture. Imagine all the people……. (via AMM)
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    Gumbo 4/14/09

    Stubborn Sideburn
    Japanespue Stubborn Sideburn 2008

  • “A lot of what is going on at the moment is kind of recycling and I find that very, very interesting. It’s as though the palette that musicians have available now is every style that has existed for the last 50 years or so.” Brian Eno talking about innovation and what it means for us today. (via dailyswarm)
  • 70 year old doctor gets hemmed up for tagging underpass. (via animalny)
  • Growing trend of people squatting in foreclosed homes (via NYT)
  • Stop at two – Some thoughts on controlling overpopulation (via mental floss)
  • You too can have a mobile art studio that gets 15mph on biodiesel (via psfk)
  • In the UK there is a national plan to give artists grants to utilize vacant spaces to avoid “ghost towns” (via tomorrow museum)
  • Sk8face The movie
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    Ain’t jack 4/13/09

    Keegan Gibbs
    Nekst Keegan Gibbs 2009

  • Another interesting article about the effects of Thatcherite England on the worlds creative sphere. (via Guardianuk)
  • “Once it moved into the galleries, it lost something for me. The artists deserve to make money, but I don’t want to shoot something that’s done with permission. It’s an outlaw art. That’s what makes it thrilling.” Martha Cooper profiled in the NY Times on the 25th anniversary of the landmark book “Subway Art”
  • “a successful commercial brand with anti-establishment overtones.” I know, It’s hard not to laugh at that line. Another article on the whole Obey thing. The best part, the conversation if you will, are the comments to this article. (via NYTimes)
  • Brian Sherwinn dives deep into the Cariou/ Prince copyright case. It seems we are entering some deep water regarding copyright law and it’s effects on the artworld. (via myartspace)
  • “If affluent white teenagers in Beverly Hills were forming neighborhood gangs, arming themselves with automatic assault rifles and killing other affluent white teenagers who were also living in upscale neighborhoods and were also arming themselves with AK 47s and shooting to kill, what would the response of our society be? Would society respond or would society ignore it? Would our government respond, if so, how would our government respond?” Stacy Peralta talks about his new film “Crips and Bloods: Made in America” (via huffpo)
  • More fun with my favorite chain smoking synth fiends.
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    Crushed on a Friday 4/10/09

    Got too much stuff I need to catch up on.

  • I have been working on this art show that I am curating for May. We are doing short QnA’s with the artists and putting up at Check it out.
  • Hey where is Jack Daws anyway? U.S. Customs and Border Protection Officers stopped a drug-smuggling attempt when they seized 6 large paintings with the frames full of packages of marijuana (via tcop).
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    It’s Yours 4/9/09

    josh poehlein
    Modern History – a youtube collage Josh Poehlein 2009

  • Interview with artist and founder of Beautiful Decay, Amir Fallah (via Flavorwire)
  • Do you like to eat Fishsticks? Yeah, Well i guess your a gay fish (Via vulture)
  • Graffiti artists are the copywriters for the capitalist created phenomenon of urban art. Graffiti artists are the performing spray-can monkeys for gentrification.” Damn!!!! Appropriate Media are the Uk’s equivalent to The Splasher (via myartspace)
  • Why is it that when an artist “appropriates” a photographers copyrighted work and gets sued they always say that the images were nothing special before they used it. Then why not use something that is not under copyright and save yourself the legal fees. More news on the Richard Prince case (via TAN)
  • The politics of the eighties was mirrored in the pop music of the time. After 20 years of depoliticized hedonism are politics headed back onto the top 40 (via frieze)
  • Ray Barbee, Skate punk.
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