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International Thief Thief 3/19/09

deuce 7
Moniker Deuce 7 2008 (via artcrimes)

  • The Blastmaster ain’t buying into the “new” look of the illuminati (via animalny)
  • “My mum brought me the book ‘Subway art’ and that spurred my interest in graffiti, but that was way, way before any of my own activities and the term ‘Street Art’ was coined, so I’m not sure she could be held accountable for that really, I think skateboarding has more to do with it, but then again she did buy me my first skateboard!” D*Face talks about street art and the market, Is it over? (via myartspace)
  • The gorgeous splinters of Brazilian artist Henrique Oliveira (via CRBlog)
  • The Spraycan School, Class of 1982. (via Chino@12oz)
  • “I am open to new materials and ideas. A wet sponge on a dusty window is just as cool and effective as a can of paint.” Interview with drippy ink king KR (via WYW)
  • Are the Youtube pastiche creations of artists like Kutiman changing the very fabric of art and music? (via Frieze)
  • Take it to the bridge:
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    Moon Baby 3/18/09

    Leon Golub
    Silence is health Leon Golub 1922 – 2004

  • “This ‘globalised state of culture’ is already a matter of fact: in every spot of the planet, you can see this new cultural stratus, coexisting with the layer of traditional culture and some local specific contemporary elements. Saying that it is the privilege of the artistic jet set is a pure denial of the worldwide violence of the capitalist system, or an extreme naiveness.” An interview with Nicholas Bourriaud, author of the seminal book Relational Aesthetics and curator of the fourth Tate Triennial, Altermodern. (via Art in America)
  • After years of neglect and rejection seminal afropunk band Death finally release it’s 1976 album(via NYT)
  • “I looked up and I was like wow, I know that says something and it’s big and colorful, but I don’t know what it says and how these guys are doing it. And I crept around in places that if my mom knew I was there, she probably wouldn’t be too pleased with me, but I slowly met people and figured it out. It’s not like somebody handed me a magazine or was like “yo! check out this website.” Graff Don Dada CYCLE talks about the direction the artform is headed and what has been lost. (via HQ)
  • Jeff Phillips Rules!!!! Rest in Paradise.
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    Limb by Limb 3/17/09

    Michael Alvarez
    Vincents First Day Out Michael Alvarez 2008

  • The newest craze this springbreak – Packing a bullet proof vest ( via intersections)
  • Will “Street Dreams” finally be the movie that gets skate culture right? (via club mumble)
  • Shipping containers are rapidly becoming the go to device for architects the world over. ( via futurismic)
  • “When your in some small redneck town and theres people chasing after you , not to kill you, not to yell at you, and not because they know who dave choe is, but they just want a poster of hope to hang in their living room, that’s pretty powerful.” Holy shit!!!!! David Choe isn’t going to rob my house. (via obama art report)
  • Sounds of Dystopia
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    Son of a preacherman 3/16/09

    Sabrina Small
    Find Your Own SpotSabrina Small 2007 via Grey Gallery

  • Remember when the coolest skateboarderscouldn’t give a shit about pop culture (via TWBE)
  • “You’re a good kid. Stop acting like an idiot” Trying to understand an urban explorer (via Good)
  • “When you had a couple of thousand people who clap at a key moment, it sounded like a pistol cracking. And if they particularly liked a track or a session, they’d applaud the DJ at the end. These were the peculiarities of the Northern Soul scene.” Keepin’ The Faith at Wigan Casino (via PSFK)
  • I Am Blipster Hear Me Roar (via art nouveau)
  • “Every time somebody bombs my building, I have to check it off as a building I bombed. That’s the circle of life.” Stash talks about growing up and growing old as a graffiti artist (via Living Proof)
  • An interesting review of the book Vandal Squad plus interview with the writer officer Joe Rivera. By the way…….. that dude sucks. (via artcat)
  • Genius.
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  • Peter Saville speaks truth to diminished power –
    Vodpod videos no longer available.

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    Sub Routines 3/12/09

    Antonio Frasconi
    Twins Antonio Frasconi 1947

  • A short trip through the calling cards of 70’s/80’s Chicago gangs (via supervision)
  • 3 artists who demonstrate how the politics of the age affected the development of modern art (via mental floss)
  • French street artist Space Invader has a new documentary about his “Invasions” of the worlds cities (via visual culture)
  • “Fairey’s willful pattern and practice is to repeatedly copy the works of other artists and photographers, While plaintiffs have attempted to cloak their actions in the guise of politics and art, there is no doubt that they are profiting handsomely from their misappropriation.” AP finally sues Shep Fairey over the Obama image. To make matters worse he is also getting hit with 29 other vandalism charges in Boston. I bet he wishes he didn’t brag about being more up than any graff writer in Boston. Also in an effort to save face, or protect his neck in this lawsuit business he has dropped his cease and desist case with the steeler baby.
  • Best style? Most respected? Outtakes from the seminal 1982 graffiti documentary Style Wars (via wyw)
  • “We all wandered into a country fair, where we could at least find some shade and cold drinks. I remember I took some pictures of Kurosawa walking around, including one that shows him in the midst of a Cajun band, the Louisiana Playboys.” Wim Wenders lazy sunday with Coppola, Lucas, and Kurosawa (via guardian)
  • It’s all about production at Flavor Paper (via funderburg)
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    The Magnificent 3/11/09

    Colin Johnson
    My PopColin Johnson (interview) 2007

  • Dude in this Sao Paulo new report on Pixacao has the coolest shirt. (via ilovegraffiti)
  • LA muralist Kent Twitchel will finally unveil the never before seen 16 year old Michael Jackson Mural. Hmmm, I wonder why somebody would cancel on a mural of Jackson in 1993? (via culture monster)
  • The collectible of the season – Richard Princes’ “Canal Zone” catalogue (via interview)
  • 007, Shanty Town
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    Firehouse 3/10/09

    Monica canilao
    Cotton Monica Canilao 2008

  • Documentary about Canadian street artist Roadsworth (via Boing Boing)
  • “Some artists love the cut-and-thrust of art world politicking; they thrive on intrigue and attention. Others despise it, finding it upsettingly at odds with their ideals.” The serious business of art (via tomorrows museum)
  • Murakami in 30 minutes or less. Maybe thats the exact way it is meant to be seen. (via artdaily)
  • Easy Super Cat, mi seh easy. (Via super duty tough work)
  • Rebellion is Americas greatest export.
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