and we Repeat…… 3/30/09

Dr Lakra
See Dr Lakra

  • Misteriosa muerte de Abismo (via intersections)
  • Are the Christians going to do to street art what it did to skateboarding? (via animalny)
  • The future of scum punk is in the hands of some black kids from East NY (via street carnage)
  • Graff is on the upswing, becoming legal in Brazil and a low priority in SF (via tomorrows museum)
  • “There is also an element of the impulse to preserve these things and to pack your whole life onto a couple of hand-made rafts and set sail, which is about the feeling that the way we are living is coming apart at the seams, is destroying the world around us and will not last. These boats are not to be taken as a literal solution, but in the way that art distills a language from our imaginations and creates images that speak to us above and below the level of our spoken language, we are addressing these issues in our form.” Artist Swoon talks about her upcoming junk raft voyage across the Adriatic Sea (via arrested motion)
  • Some bloggers just don’t understand just how unseemly this preoccupation with Shepard Fairey is. I mean it’s simply a disgrace. Whatevs. Some bloggers need to stop trying to control the conversation.
  • Your not hardcore like us…….
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