Moon Baby 3/18/09

Leon Golub
Silence is health Leon Golub 1922 – 2004

  • “This ‘globalised state of culture’ is already a matter of fact: in every spot of the planet, you can see this new cultural stratus, coexisting with the layer of traditional culture and some local specific contemporary elements. Saying that it is the privilege of the artistic jet set is a pure denial of the worldwide violence of the capitalist system, or an extreme naiveness.” An interview with Nicholas Bourriaud, author of the seminal book Relational Aesthetics and curator of the fourth Tate Triennial, Altermodern. (via Art in America)
  • After years of neglect and rejection seminal afropunk band Death finally release it’s 1976 album(via NYT)
  • “I looked up and I was like wow, I know that says something and it’s big and colorful, but I don’t know what it says and how these guys are doing it. And I crept around in places that if my mom knew I was there, she probably wouldn’t be too pleased with me, but I slowly met people and figured it out. It’s not like somebody handed me a magazine or was like “yo! check out this website.” Graff Don Dada CYCLE talks about the direction the artform is headed and what has been lost. (via HQ)
  • Jeff Phillips Rules!!!! Rest in Paradise.
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