Surfers Love Call 3/4/09

Robert Hardgrave
Polyverse Robert Hardgrave 2009

  • 2f2k friend SnekeOne has show coming up in Seattle at Evo Gallery. Looking forward to his new work.
  • Film Piracy, Organized Crime, and Terrorism (via daily swarm))
  • Is it possible for a college studio art professor to answer the question, “Is graffiti art?” (via senses lost)
  • “Going to stand in front of people, watching them sing on stage, has never really appealed to me. I come from the DJ point of view, where sound systems play your music and you’re bouncing. Live shows have never really done anything for me.” Tricky shares his thoughts about live music, touring, and the intricacies of ordering a soy cocoa in the UK. ( Via flavorwire)
  • Some thoughts on the new branding for the recovery programs from the Obama team. Is it cool or creepy that the administration is so clued into effective visual marketing? (via brand new)
  • Yo, this made saturday mornings worth getting excited for after scooby doo wasn’t cutting it anymore.
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