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Tall Dark and Shadowy 1/21/09

ben Shahn
Public Sale Ben Shahn 1956

  • Are you sure what we need now is another FAP? A new round of New Deal speculation from Frieze.
  • “When you look in the mirror, it’s not you anymore. Sometimes people get freaked out, but more often I see people open up and become somebody they weren’t.” Getting behind the makeup for Friday The 13th (via Interview)
  • Wired brings us their favorite images of the Inauguration from Flickr
  • Interview with the artist Richard Colman (via Citrus Report)
  • Our City Dreams explores the passion of five female artists making work in NYC (via art21)
  • Is the increase in imitation of Shep Fairey going to be the downfall of street art . If these are a sign of things to come I sure hope so. (via Bombin’)
  • The seldom seen Joy Division Pep Squad:
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    If theres any doubt the presidents black…..

    Now You Know.

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    Need a sec….

    Today i have a major project to complete so there may not be a digest post today, I’ll try.
    Happy Inauguration day and if you are in Seattle drop by the park at Pine and boren and say Hi.
    i’ll be installing some huge prints there.

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    Tall Dark and Shadowy 1/19/09 MLK Day Edition

    Today is an extremely poignant moment in our nations history as we celebrate the birthday of a man on the eve of the realization of his Dream.

  • Martin Luther King in Montgomery, Alabama on March 25, 1965.
  • Barak Obama in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania March 18, 2008.
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    Tall Dark and Shadowy 1/18/09

    Sea Levels Parskid 2008 (print avail. via Flatcolor)

  • “What do you think happened to all the dinosaurs?” I said, “I don’t know.” And you said, “I think they grew wings and flew away to another planet.” Chris Walken asks some questions of Mickey Rourke (via Interview)
  • Is it selfish to not buy into the hyper consumption that is being touted as a way out of our current economic crisis? Here’s five groups that ain’t trying to hear that see. ( via Good)
  • Admission to all Museums FREE!!!! or not. (via art for change)
  • “Sixteen at best, young black kid. No one else was around so I kept on working. A few minutes later I heard ripping noises: he’s ripping down a poster, just with a key or whatever, cutting out some guy’s head, putting it somewhere else. I loved that. I took it as a compliment so I gave him the thumbs-up. And he gave me the middle finger, like, ‘Fuck you! I don’t need your approval.” A discussion with Poster Boy (via Guardian UK)
  • Richard Bakers portraits of books (via Good)
  • If I ever declare a desire to head over to Jackson, Mississippi just remind me that I will probably go to jail. (via Boing Boing)
  • The History of My personal Downfall: (via Fubiz)
    Vodpod videos no longer available.

    more about "History off the Internet – Fubiz ™", posted with vodpod

  • Fully Flared animation:(via zlog)
  • poa

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    Get your Yub Nub on……

    The other day I was discussing all of the celebration going on because of the upcoming Inauguration and how it weirds me out just a bit. I mean I have never seen this before, not when Clinton was elected in ’92 which I guess was the last time there was a comparable amount of youthful joy. I’m as happy as the next guy but I just don’t want to set myself up for a fall when Obama fumbles the ball on something that I feel is important. My buddy Rob pointed out to me that maybe people are actually celebrating the departure of Bush more than the ascension of Obama. This made me realize that the celebrating is not so much about Obama as it is that the Deathstar has exploded and Darth Cheney is in a tailspin into the outer edges of the Cosmos. Yub Nub indeed my good friends.

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    Danger Room 1/16/09

    Judith Supine
    Mother and Child Judith Supine 2008

  • Record sleeves designed by graffiti writers (via ekosystem)
  • Will there be a fourth Act for Roman Polanski ( via Interview)
  • The Baddest White Boy Hip Hop Ever Knew – Lord Scotch (via Complex)
  • Is The Highline the only truly undeveloped space in Manhattan?
  • It does the body good? (via KET)
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