Fatal distraction 1/26/09

Magda sayeg
D.F. Bus Magda Sayeg 2008

  • “Rip the Ripper”, a tribute art show to the iconic ripper logo for Powell Peralta skateboards deigned by VCJ happened at ASR.
  • Artist Nicky Enright sets the community straight with an editorial about the true vandals of our landscapes, Geico. (via Bombin)
  • A tapestry of Picasso’s Guernica was once hidden from view so that we could be sold a bill of goods called Iraq. Good to know that the former Administration had a handle on the significance of art.
  • A cool interview with Warhol acolyte Gerard Malanga. I guess he made a painting 40 years ago that was a sendup of Warhol. Artist John Chambelin some how came into possession of it and had it authenticated as a Warhol and sold it for $5 million. Now there is a lawsuit. (via Interview)
  • The Most fun you can have in Kingston money can’t buy (via Afflicted Yard)
    Vodpod videos no longer available.

    more about "The transition to video…", posted with vodpod

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