Tall Dark and Shadowy 1/18/09

Sea Levels Parskid 2008 (print avail. via Flatcolor)

  • “What do you think happened to all the dinosaurs?” I said, “I don’t know.” And you said, “I think they grew wings and flew away to another planet.” Chris Walken asks some questions of Mickey Rourke (via Interview)
  • Is it selfish to not buy into the hyper consumption that is being touted as a way out of our current economic crisis? Here’s five groups that ain’t trying to hear that see. ( via Good)
  • Admission to all Museums FREE!!!! or not. (via art for change)
  • “Sixteen at best, young black kid. No one else was around so I kept on working. A few minutes later I heard ripping noises: he’s ripping down a poster, just with a key or whatever, cutting out some guy’s head, putting it somewhere else. I loved that. I took it as a compliment so I gave him the thumbs-up. And he gave me the middle finger, like, ‘Fuck you! I don’t need your approval.” A discussion with Poster Boy (via Guardian UK)
  • Richard Bakers portraits of books (via Good)
  • If I ever declare a desire to head over to Jackson, Mississippi just remind me that I will probably go to jail. (via Boing Boing)
  • The History of My personal Downfall: (via Fubiz)
    Vodpod videos no longer available.

    more about "History off the Internet – Fubiz ™", posted with vodpod

  • Fully Flared animation:(via zlog)
  • poa


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