Danger Room 1/14/09

We Just Did Jesse Thomas 2009

  • Get down with the Crooked I: The St. Ides commercials (via Aesthetic Poetic)
  • Ricky Powell chats up George Kalinsky, Official Photographer for Madison Square Garden (via Interview)
  • You can always tell when a graff writer is going for the golden ring they start giving their legal name. Arrested Motion has a good interview with James “Dalek” Marshall.
  • Gas Masks, Israel & Human Rights: An Interview with Street Artist Mike Marcus (via Hrag Vartanian)
  • Obama’s economic relief for artists: Sell crap with his image on it. It’s worked for Shepard Fairey. (via Blackbook)
  • “You say you had a good Frieze? You say you shifted units? You say the credit crunch won’t effect your gallery? You say that sculpture is made of real gold? – NANG DON’T BELIEVE YOU!” UK’s NANG Gallery never bought into the Balloon Market Hype (via Frieze Magazine)
  • “When one thinks of a slum, one has this monolithic image of it is as a den of hopelessness, crime and poverty, But one billion people live in them today. I thought this bleak picture could not really be the case for everyone.” Photographer Jonas Bendiksen sheds light on the worlds slums (via GuardianUK)
  • Bad Bwoy Hercules Battles Banksy Inna Tenement Yard:( via Ekosystem)
    Vodpod videos no longer available.

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