A couple artists 12/31/08

So this is my last post for 2008.
It’s been an interesting 12 months to say the least. What an amazing situation we all are in for 2009.
It is like when you wake up from a bad dream to only realize that in fact you were in a coma, the house was on fire and you were rescued right before it collapsed but you have severe burns all over your body and will need at least 2 years of therapy before you will be able to leave the hospital. Hopefully the worst part is behind us but we got plenty to do.
Sometimes I feel that art is kinda trivial in relation to the tough world out there but then I know that without it what would I talk about. I would end up being another guy who just talks about skateboards and…well I guess I am that guy but still I would talk about it even more. Well lets get to this weeks list of artists that I like. Just a quick side note i originally thought about making this list like a curated art show, I may still do that so bite at my displeasure, but for right now I like the randomness of how this is shaping up. So here it is, the last of 2008……….

    Rammellzee in the Battle Station, 2004 via Powerhouse

    When I first saw Beatstreet I remember being blown away by the style of Afrika Bambaata and the Soul Sonic Force. These dudes looked like african chiefs stepping out of the mother ship. The first time I saw Rammellzee’s artwork i felt that same level of “Holy shit what is this?” I had known of him from Wildstyle, and own the Beat Bop 12″ with the Basquiat cover, but had no idea that this dude was this deep into the math of the universe. A must read for anybody that is interested in street art or writing graff is his treatise “Iconic Panzerisms”. Rammellzee is truly multi media using video and sculpture to create fantastic characters costumed in a post consumer armor. Really you just need to see what he does. Thank god for youtube:

    rammellzee with dj toxic and basquiat


    cr stecyk
    C.R. Stecyk III 1985 via Arkitip Magazine

    Stecyk is legend. His ability to marry concepts and reality is what every curator, art director, designer, musician, street performer, skater, etc. dream of having. He had foresight to document and then define for the people the true renegade nature of skateboard culture at it’s birth. His dystopian vision has influenced a generation of artists who look at the mess we are in and decide to shine it and start creating something fresh.

    Vodpod videos no longer available.

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