Hot Chocolate 12/26/08

NYC Subway map
Heart Shaped NYC Subway Map Zero Per Zero (via Kottke)

  • I like that the most effective way to publish a zine today is basically doing the internet thing.
    One of the best, truest to form ways of doing this is with a PDF zine. The format is basically the same and if somebody really likes it they can print it out. Graffito from Chile, 1984 from Czech Republik, and Fixed mag ( they also make a hard copy version) are some that have just put out new issues. enjoy.
  • Warhol was right, everybody will be famous for fifteen minutes but only the lucky ones will get ad revenue sharing. Magibon interview ( via Pingmag)
  • Exploring the impact asian art has on the conciousness of American artists. (via artdaily)
  • A favorite NY moment for myself was the time I had just seen Sun Ra’s Arkestra and as i slipped into a cab to go back to our friends pad I hear Eartha Kitts purr tell me something about NYC . Her recorded voice activated as we got in the cab. A perfect topper for an inspiring time. Rest In Paradise Madame Kitt
  • Swoon on Artnet TV:
  • Get ready for the new year with my man Johnny Otis:
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    1. You can’t forget the king of graffiti pdf zines, bloodwars. check

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