Slumber Party 12/18/08

San Narcos Blu 2008

  • When I visiy NYC I am constantly looking at everything. From the gum blackened sidewalks to the strange, ancient looking cornices I often wonder if anybody else spent time seeing what I do. Apparently this film scout does every day.
  • Brazil’s Alexandre Orion makes art utilizing the filth we breath in every day.”It is through a process of subtraction, scraping off layers of soot from vehicle exhaust built up on tunnel walls to produce….” (via Hrag Vartanian)
  • David Choe has a new print available Today so go here and cop one. Watch his infomercial as well. (via TWBE)
  • Imagine living in a city that is a poisonous disaster zone. No not Detroit.( via We Make Money…)
  • Nike teamed up with the folks from the Beautiful Losers film/exhibition to create some amazing workshops with the artists featured in the movie. Finally the video footage is available from all of these sessions so you can virtually sit in on a character design seminar with Kaws. (via Juxtapoz)
  • David Ellis is having a discussion tonight regarding his experience during his residency at Pittsburgh’s Mattress Factory: (via Wooster)
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