Chingalero 12/11/08

Retna and Mac in Miami 208

  • Where are all the angry young men and women today? Well if you watch the great Crass documentary “There is no authority but yourself” you may become one.
  • Philadelphia artist run gallery/studio Space 1026 will be holding their annual art auction this upcoming friday. The lineup is pretty heavy with work from some big names on the block. (via TWBE)
  • When a car pulls up, the girls come out and ask, “What’ll you have?” Drivers will answer “give me some water” or “give me some betel nuts”. Japanese photographer Masato Seto documents Taiwans “Betel Nut Girls” (via Ping Mag)
  • You ever feel like there is something your forgetting? In 2006 Madrid’s Reina Sofía Contemp­orary Art Museum admitted that it had lost a 38-tonne sculpture—Equal-Paral­lel/ Guernica-Bengasi, 1986—by the American artist Richard Serra. It was missing for 14 years without anybody noticing. (via The Art Newspaper)
  • Fecal face has a great interview with legendary photographer Martha Cooper up right now. enjoy this video as well:
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