Chingalero 12/08/08

Kosmos Chopper Ollie

  • Art Basel Miami was this past weekend and the word on the street is…..well at least it didn’t suck. Here are a few takes on the art fairs from Supertouch, Blackbook, and Art Review
  • Bad Brains singer Hr interviews HR (via Street Carnage)
  • When in San Francisco i have often found myself stumbling around the Tenderloin area late at night enjoying the absolute madness that is happening there. Well thanks to Adam Jackson, who has placed some webcams in his apartment window to catch the action on the street below, I can catch all of the entertainment with none of the risk. (via Boing Boing and SF Chronicle)
  • Your moment of the Gonz Is The Coolest MOFO Ever:
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    One response to “Chingalero 12/08/08

    1. Jeddrock

      id love to see hr interview the gonz. both those clips rule. i just recently found that gonz clip too and ive watched it several times already. oh and i love that those wkt guys had to get up on that webcam shit!?

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