5 Artists 12/2/08

So while i was thinking how i could create interesting content for this blog i started to think about artists that I would like to meet and talk to. While I came up with a huge list I figured that it would be best to not blow the whole load at once. So here are 5 artists that it wouldn’t hurt to think about this week.

chaz bojorquez, Senor Suerte
Chaz Bojorquez, Senor Suerte

  • I can not get enough of the work of LA artist Chaz Bojorquez. He has elevated what is often seen as a blight, Cholo gangster graffiti, Into a studied and incredibly influential artform.
  • fefe talavera
    Fefe Talavera

  • Sao Paulo resident Fefe Talavera makes primal work that comes from that city’s rich street art history. She recently had a show in Amsterdam with the legendary NYC artist Doze Green that was absolutely gangbusters and has set the way for her ascension to art stardom. Ohh and she also makes some pretty wikked tunes as Lil Monsta.
  • Dan Witz
    Dan Witz

  • New York based artist Dan Witz has been creating art on the streets of that city since the 70’s. His trompe l’oeil mixed media paintings of children trapped behind grates have marked many eyesore condo buildings throughout NYC. His work on canvas maintains the gritty urban realities that is reflected in his street works. The Moshpit series is in particular a body of work that has immense power, drawing the viewer into the moment. You can almost smell the aggression.
  • chiho aoshima
    Chiho Aoshima

  • I enjoy the work of Murakami but would never consider myself a fan of japanese anime based work except for that of Chiho Aoshima. I don’t have anything important to say about it I just like it.
  • L'atlas

  • French street artist L’Atlas creates complex maze like geometries utilizing arabic calligraphy styles to place his “mark” around the world. His use of these arabic styles bring to the forefront the changing cultural and ethnic makeup of modern France.
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