To Fear it is to Know it

to fear is to know
Hey There

This is my first post to my new blog ” To Fear it is to Know it” , the title of which is a lyric from the Junior Murvin song “Jah Took six days”.
This phrase resonates with me so much as i think about the current state of “underground culture”.
Over the past 10 years in support of this movement i cherish I have held the role of curator, gallerist, creative director, and consumer. During this time i have seen the interest in Urban/ Street/ Graffiti culture reach feverish levels with artist going from unknown to International sensations in a matter of a few seasons. Its Insanity. Now we are at a point in which the originality that once was the hallmark of this scene is being replaced by the forces of the market. Artists are more and more copying what is financially successful for others instead of creating unique and thoughtful works of their own. This blog is my attempt to direct the few who may check this thing out to the things that drive my interest and keeps me from going insane. To Fear it is to Know it.


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